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MLGM has been confirmed in wild mango trees on the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland. It is a small gall-forming insect that only affects mangoes. To date the midge has only been observed damaging the leaves of mango. It does not appear to be infesting fruit at this stage and poses no risk to human health. The symptoms appear predominantly on the leaves, but occasionally also on the buds, inflorescences and young fruits of mango trees. The parts infested by this midge become covered with many small, raised galls or blisters. Each wart-like blister or gall is 3-4 mm in size and contains a yellow larva which feeds on tree tissue. Wart-like galls form quickly and extend up to 3-4 mm in diameter; Heavily galled leaves can curl up and drop off prematurely, causing dieback of whole branches in susceptible cultivars; Long range dispersal through movement of infested plant material. Among them, the mango blossom gall midge, Procontarinia mangiferae Felt, is a monophagous invasive pest of mango, causing economic damage by attacking inflorescences. The objective of this study was to improve our knowledge on the biology of this species in the subtropical Reunion Island i. years, fruit quality is heterogeneous at harvest, and mango tree exhibits phenological asynchronisms within and between trees that result in long periods with phenological stages susceptible to pests and diseases. Among them, the mango Blossom Gall Midge BGM, Procontarinia mangiferae Felt is a major pest of mango.

Gall Midge, any member of a family of small plant-feeding flies that cause swellings or distortions of plant tissue, called galls. They are also called gall gnats, gall flies, and cecidomyiids. Over 1200 species of gall midges are found in North America. Adult gall midges are tiny flies that look like small mosquitoes. Gall midges Diptera: Cecidomyiidae are common pests of mango trees in southern Asia. Currently, there are 21 described species from six genera and at least 10 undescribed species which are known to attack mango worldwide. A new species of gall midge Procontarinia, schreineri Harris, which attacks mango foliage in Guam, is described and the results of field observations on its pest status, biology and population fluctuations are reported. Eggs are laid on young mango leaves and larvae, which develop rapidly over about 5 days. Mango midge Erosomya indica has gained much attention in the recent past as it has become a major pest in all mango growing areas of the world. The mango gall midge or mango blister midge Erosomya mangiferae Felt. is a major pest, destroying flowers and up to 70% of fruit set. Crop: Mango: Scientific Name: Mangifera indica: Family: Anacardiaceae: Stem borer: Bark borer: Shoot borer: Mango hoppers. Inflorescence midge.

Mango blossom gall midge, Procontarinia mangiferae =Erosomyia mangiferae Felt, is an invasive pest that causes economic damage worldwide. The objectives of our study were to highlight the genetic and ecological abilities of this monophagous gall midge to invade new habitats and to evaluate its genetic structure on an isolated island.

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